Fabrication Engineering Auckland

Craig Nicholson is your local fabrication engineering Auckland based specialist with over 20 years experience in the industry. He is an engineer with some very special capabilities. In his early 20’s he did his big OE and ended up in the UK. He built, yes built a go cart track and all the go carts to go on the track he then built the whole runway then went on to maintain all the carts for 14 years.

Old London Double Decker
In that time he purchased an old London Double Decker, and converted it into living quarters then when sightseeing around Ibiza and with having a spa pool in it, that he built needless to say he had a pretty good time.

The brand Durex loved the idea and decided they would wrap the bus with their brand and sponsor Craig and his mate Mark around Spain. The bus as you can see looked incredible wrapped.

Durex Bus
Inside With Spa Pool
When he got back in New Zealand Craig decided in his spare time to re-build the bus and turn it into a state of the art Party Bus and as you can see from the picture that’s exactly what it is a very functional well thriving Party Bus business, and yes it still has the Spa Pool in it!

Custom Fabrication Auckland is your specialist fabrication engineering Auckland based company. Craig’s creative is very creative and clever with his builds, so if you’re looking for something out of the box Craig is definitely your go to guy. We have a great TEAM here at CFA and alongside Craig is also Uneal who is also a creative fabrication engineer. Get in touch and share your ideas, we would love to meet you and make your dreams come true.

Inside Bus